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Artistic Approach

Gaïa The Blue Planet

Gaïa, the mother of Nature, of Life, of Love, of all human-beings, of Fertility, Of Beauty and of Good, of laughter, of dance, of the whole Universe….She is an integral part of each of us, we are her offshoots, and our hearts beat in unison with her vibrations.  She gave us so many riches, so many beauty and she loves us so. Yet she suffers and the echo of her cry for help is lost in the vast…..


 We neglect her, befool her, despise her, debase her. Some turn away from her, for money and out of sheer greed. They wear masks like in a crazy Venitian farandole, altering their true personality and deceiving people without any second-thoughts.


Gaïa is dying, we are killing  the animals, the plants, we are wiping out what is living without being aware that we are, in fact, committing suicide. Heaven and Hell do exist, side by side on this Planet, choosing one or the other is up to us…Also up to us is activating this protective or destructive wheel, one way or another. This wheel turns fast, faster and faster, enhancing and multiplying its effect tenfold. …Good deeds generating “What is Good” but in the same proportion, bad deeds generating “What is Evil”…

Elodie Falgon

Strolling, watching and painting, "Painting with Everything", a line, a curve, a color, some material, a phone case, a wheel disc, lace, a stainless multiple picture, a tube of paint, contents and containers, mixing what is different, the useful and the useless, the past and the present….  
I "paint" with materials and objects diverted from their original context, mixing materials as well as colors, silk, velvet, lace, wool, but also jet, metal, glass, crystal, metal fabrics, wire mesh and many textures decidedly contemporary in order to link "beauty of the past" to that of the "here and now", timeless Beauty and Art…Rehabilitation and unusual links woven between cultures and through ages… 
Modern embroidery, not subdued or refined any longer, but chaotic, spontaneous, free, bold and almost violent. Independent wool, silk and metal tracery which all intertwine randomly….. 
Ode to our Blue Planet soiled and tortured, love and protection in a dream world, poetic and stylized, imaginary, Chagallian but also influenced by Matisse, Modigliani and so many others….Bunches of women flowers, Gaïa pervasive, goddess of Earth and Nature, multifaceted, Blue Shadows Mother and Daughter, dark flowers evocating everyday life hassles and blue cats… everybody knows they are all blue !…Bird men leaving Earth and a mindful presence...

Elodie Falgon

Baiser de cristal (4).jpg
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